Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings is the most successful herbal tea brand in a category it created more than 45 years ago. They achieve consistent growth, year-over-year. Their constant innovation is routinely greeted with eager acceptance. And they boast a legion of loyal brand fans who love everything about the brand: its products and its packaging, from Tension Tamer’s princess riding a dragon to the iconic sleepy bear. 

Research, sales figures and anecdotal evidence made it apparent that while Celestial Seasonings enjoys all the growth, acceptance and love a major brand could seemingly desire, that growth, love and acceptance comes from its core audience. New tea drinkers, who have only recently turned to tea for its delicious, healthy benefits, were simply not flocking to Celestial Seasonings. They turned to brands that presented well on shelf—brands boasting more modern aesthetics, cleaner lines and clearer messaging. Where the core saw whimsy, nostalgia and consistency, the new tea drinkers saw over-saturated illustrations, complicated messaging (some couldn’t identify the type of tea) and a brand less relevant to their sensibilities. 

Tether’s challenge was to bring a cross-section of new tea drinkers to Celestial without alienating the core audience. Brand is a relationship with your most loyal customers—if they don’t recognize you, they won’t be comfortable around you. They may not stick with you now that you’ve changed. If the new look failed the ever-crucial authenticity test with your new, coveted audience, then what? 

From the start, our goal was to find the heart of the Celestial Seasonings brand, strip away the distractions and help the brand appeal to the broadest possible audience. Through many tough conversations over many, many cups of strong tea, we found that sweet spot: the perfect blend of history and nostalgia, modern aesthetic and appropriate reverence, clear communication without sacrificing fun. We even returned the iconic Sleepytime bear to something close to his original look. And, in the process, made this classic American tea brand relevant to a new generation of tea drinkers.


Designed by Tether

Country: United States

City: Seattle