Target Exclusive: Kellogg's Retro Edition

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"Anthem created Kellogg Retro-inspired Packaging for Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops and Rice Krispies. This is in stores now, exclusive to Target, and is the first time in Kellogg’s history that they have offered Retro-inspired packaging. The launch is part of a program to celebrate Froot Loops 50th anniversary.

Anthem developed packaging design that allowed each brand to stay true to its core equity, while tapping into the feeling of nostalgia consumers felt for simpler times. The packaging balances the style of the characters, typography and catch phrases to create something not only memorable but eye-catching for consumers both young and old."



Designed by Anthem, NY and Battlecreek 

Creative Directors: Mark Meszaros and Gerard Rizzo

Designer: Emily Dolson

Account Management: Rachel Johnson and Ned Joyce

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