Big Pollo Snacks

Kokoriko is one of the biggest fast food brands in Colombia. Focusing on poultry products, it has more than 115 locations all over the country and presence in the U.S.A. In more than 40 years of existence It has kept its communication focused on the adults that grew up with the brand, but eventually had to meet the need to get closer to new generations in order to renew itself and be up to date.

"The answer was to create the brand’s first product line focused on youth: Big Pollo, along its first two pilot products, Big Pollo Burger and Big Pollo Snack. The first, a chicken sandwich thought to be consumed in restaurants or at home, and the second -a bit more cutting edge in the Colombian market- strips of breaded chicken breast with fried potatoes to eat on the on-the-go."



"Structurally, the Big Pollo Snack packaging sought to relate its content to a more appealing product to young people and teenagers, transforming the experience of eating chicken as you tear open the packaging, mostly associated with surprise candy or treat packaging. Graphically speaking, the challenge was to present the brand in an attractive package for youth without losing the principle of preserving tradition required by the company.

To achieve this we turned to the institutional color pallet used by Kokoriko and we contrasted it with a retro one that we borrowed from the 50’s thus the packaging was different from the other the brand uses. This provided the packaging with vitality and energy. All together with the diverse, rich, typographic elements that stood out resulted in a defined vintage aesthetic, that as it speaks of tradition, is also attractive for young people as its part of a mainstream trend in contemporary design, this guidelines made this packaging and object of desire.

We introduced a new experience for the consumer and innovative aesthetics which have had an important and positive impact among young people, results that reflected on social networks, restaurants, shopping malls and schools; all backed up by a surprising increase of a 40% in national sales goal expectations."


Agency: Young Marketing, Colombia
Structural Design: María del Sol Poveda Castillo
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Nicolás Rosso Londoño
Concept: María del Sol Poveda Castillo, Juan Sebastián Muñoz Mejía y Nicolás Rosso Londoño
Project Manager: Juan Sebastián Muñoz Mejía
Strategic Director: Mauricio Salazar Vélez