Rockwood Charcoal

Rockwood is all-natural lump charcoal made entirely from Missouri hardwood, unlike the charcoal briquettes or match-light charcoal typically seen in stores. People think of charcoal as a commodity product, but because Rockwood is different, Atomicdust had an opportunity to do something fresh that would stand out on the shelf.



Taking inspiration from screen-printed posters, Atomicdust designed big, bold illustrations for Rockwood’s new bag to reflect its purity and power. Rather than coating the entire bag in ink, the team let the kraft paper bag color show through as a nod to Rockwood’s all-natural origins. The bag is recyclable, and printed using soy-based inks that won’t produce harmful fumes if burned.

An unofficial tagline—“Smoke the Competition”—positions Rockwood as the brand of choice for barbecue champions or anyone who wants to cook like one.

Designed by Atomicdust