Before & After: Sara Lee

Barker Gray undertook a major brand overhaul of iconic frozen dessert brand Sara Lee.

The freezer is a cold place to shop, and in many ways a relic of any supermarket, when you consider that the general zeitgeist is "realness"… it is this that we sought to communicate albeit on the biggest frozen dessert brand in the country.



"The design strategy sought to distance ourselves from the atypical codes of mass market food. In place of the ubiquitous brand ribbon device found on so many grocery brands, we maintained a ribbon but gave it meaning, anchoring it in the language of cake shops and patisseries. The new branding device, wraps around every pack like a real cake ribbon, and this gives us incredible brand standout, whilst creating a simple but premium architecture that is easy to navigate. Food photography had to deliver 'realness' with virtually no retouching allowed. Handwritten typography told Sara Lee's story of real local ingredients, in order to combat the perception within the category. The feeling you get from the rebrand is premium, homely and most importantly 'real' which is exactly like their products."

Designed by Barker Gray