Villalta Ripasso

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"Hierarchy of Villalta Ripasso prioritized to communicate the Ripasso method, the origin (Valpolicella) and excellence in handcrafts associated to this quality wine."



"The portrait of Flora (from 1515) attributed to Bartolomeo Veneto was chosen as a representative image for Villalta Ripasso. Both the origin and the elegance and generosity of the wine was successfully conveyed. The details and sophisticated execution where not the only positive connotations: the charming and gentle gesture holding the bouquet became a strong element to link the wine to the brandname, and the hypnotic eyes of Flora, rumored to be a courtesan, an overall mystic presence on the shelf.
The use of hot foil is enhancing the premium look and allows us to have the painting going around the box while maintaining readability.

Painting, courtesy of The Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main.

Designed by OlssønBarbieri, Oslo, Norway



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