Densen Design: Home and Laundry Products

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"Originally sold under the company "Home Essentials", I proposed a new product line under a parent company that I named "DENSEN Design". Specializing in the development of condensed, space saving methods for storing and organizing your home, DENSEN offers products that are shown to be simple and modern but with a classical purpose. For this I developed the company name, the logo, the visual style, and the packaging. My intent was to give these products a look that signified class, and would appeal to modernists looking for clean solutions."



"The packaging itself is compact and reserved so the products can be packed away easily and do not take up space themselves. The vibrant colors used were meant to both make the product pop off the shelves, and to relate to early "home-styles" of the 1960s through 1980s. I included simplistic illustrations of each product to contrast the use of photos by competitors, and to maintain a modern stylistic look and feel."

Designed By: Zach LaMance



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