Karün Eyewear


"The brief delivered was to create a pack for wooden sunglasses with the Mapuche heritage bearing in mind their relationship with nature, where they are a part and not owners. Conveying their knowledge and spirit in the pack as a way of adding value to the product.

The box is made out of cardboard one color print and embossed, the cases are made out of wool which is wooden and dyed by Mapuche people following the traditional standards.
The booklet is printed on certified paper and contains all the information regarding the Mapuche heritage and their relationship with nature.

Including the poem "The Forest of Memory" written by Elicura Chihuailaf."




"Karün eyewear are unique pieces of craftsmanship made by masters using certified native wood from Chilean Patagonia and other areas of southern Chile.

In the diversity of the native forest is where the deep memory of the mapuche culture is stored, the original meaning of Chile. Nineteen pieces, carefully assembled to shape this design object of outstanding quality."

Karün is completely sustainable. Working with the FSC Certificate, respects the highest standards of environmental responsibility. The wood comes from demolition stocks, fallen trees and controlled forests, where the ancestral wisdom is found that makes the eyewear unique.

The Karün cases have been crafted on looms by mapuche weavers who, generation after generation, have used them to recreate their ancestral memory. Using natural wools and dyes, these women are the artisans of an age-old heritage that is born from and sustained by an intimate bond with nature.

Hidden under the bark, leaves, roots, and sometimes flowers, are the colors which, after a boiling process, penetrate the wool, thereby dying it for good. This is the advantage of natural dying: it is eternal."


Creative, Art Direction & Design: Edward Pearson

Design: Alexia Linden




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