Rising Sun & Co.

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"Located in Eagle Rock, near downtown Los Angeles, the Rising Sun & Co. haberdashery draws inspiration from master tailors of a bygone era, with emphasis on design, superior quality, and a crucial pride in workmanship. The Rising Sun line recalls the heritage of classic American denim and consists of premium denim, tees, shirts, outerwear and accessories and work boots, all manufactured entirely from the brand’s workshop and retail space in Eagle Rock. There are also tailors on-hand who can create one-of-a-kind pieces or a custom fit if desired. It truly is one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets."




The Rising Sun denim tag was painstakingly created with attention to detail as well as the workshop's unique packaging. All emphasize the brand's key attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Rising Sun & Co was established in 2006 by denim craftsman Mike Hodis. Hodis is known for his work as a designer at Lucky Brand, as well as Safety Jeans, a denim company he conceptualized at the early age of 23.

Rising Sun & Co.’s denim jeans and pants range from classic cinch-backs, suspender buttons and boot cuts, to slimmer modern silhouettes. All are custom-made, showcased and sold under the same roof at the company’s showroom in Eagle Rock, California. In addition, the Rising Sun & Co. showroom houses a team of tailors onsite for customizable projects and tailoring. Prices range from $275 (Rising Sun’s ‘Rigger Duck’ relaxed straight leg pants) retail to $415 (Rising Sun’s ‘Blacksmith’ relaxed straight leg jeans.)

Most recently Rising Sun & Co. partnered with retailer Nordstom’s and GQ Magazine for a curated pop-up shop in-store and online. In addition, Rising Sun & Co. recently released a curated collection that is now available in Barneys stores in New York and online. The Barneys selection includes items that best represent the brand’s aesthetic, including Rising Sun’s ‘Reliable’ Fit (straight fit / selvage denim with special back pocket design, available in five separate washes), Rising Sun’s ‘Straight Razor’ fit (selvage denim, with natural heritage pocketing) and Rising Sun’s ‘Ranch Hand’ jacket."

The Rising Sun & Co. retail store, workshop and showroom are located at 2246 Fair Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041. Showroom and store hours are Tuesday - Friday (2pm – 7pm), and Saturday and Sunday (Noon – 6pm.)

Rising Sun Founder, Denim craftsman: Mike Hodis

 Below are examples of unique packaging found at The Rising Sun workshop: