Little Hot Sauce

"We have nothing but love for all the people who have helped us do what we love year after year. What better way to show it than with our annual Valentine’s gift? Love is the spice of life and for 2013 we have a little something for everyone—whether your love life has just a hint of heat or you’re experiencing a full on kick in the kisser. Thanks to our partnership with Lucky’s Hot Sauce, we’re helping our friends and family celebrate all the phases of love with Valentine’s-ready recipes to fire up whatever passions are stirring.



"As we do every year, we also like to share our love with a very worthy cause. As part of our ongoing relationship, we’ve fueled the incredible work of Way To Grow by donating our time, treasure and talent throughout the year. We’re celebrating Valentine’s all week long on Facebook and Twitter with recipe posts and daily giveaways. Because this February 14, we’re encouraging everyone to get down, get dirty, get spicy.

Designed By: little&company, Minniapolis 

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