Elephants in the Kitchen, Artisan and Vegan Cheese

Boston based Bluerock Design created brand identity, collateral and packaging design for Elephant in the Kitchen, an Artisan and Vegan Cheese company! Intriguing! 









"The goal for Elephants in the Kitchen was to create an identity that positions the company as the premier brand of high-quality, raw, vegan cheese.

Their nut-based cheeses are created through a variety of processes similar to traditional dairy cheese. Techniques such as culturing, aging, and brine-curing, create a bold and complex flavor that is strikingly similar to the taste of dairy cheese. Drawing from the rich colors and taste of fragrant, bloomy rinds, creamy tans, aged spices, and colorful green herbs, we developed a design system that reflects the bold and unique flavor of their product. 
The branding includes identity, stationery, packaging, and collateral. Maybe the elephant in the room is that the best cheese is not only vegan, but raw too."
Designed by Bluerock Design, Boston