The Rabbit and the Monday Misfits

When one of thier designers is to be wed, Sciencewerk, an independant studio in Surabaya, Indonesia went all out to create a beautiful concept and design for the invitation package and cake packaging. We especially love the illustrations and intricate layers of the invitations. The variaty and stories presented on the cake boxes are fun and personal to the couple. 



"The Rabbit and the Monday Misfits is a story about two rabbit lovers, a quirky wedding concept for one of our core designer in Sciencewerk. We work closely with local contemporary illustrator Robi Dwi Antono to visualize the whole story of the couple and putting all the hidden & conceptual meaning about their relationship within the rest of the Merchandise" 

Client: Danis & Tiara 

Designed by Sciencewerk, Surabaya, Indonesia

Illustrator: Robi Dwi Antono/ Paper&Print:Cottonville