The Fedrigoni Calendar 2013

The One Off recently worked with Fedrigoni, promoting their Woodstock range; a piece that would work as a functional piece; inspiring, innovative and a constant reminder of the range. Not a desk ornament. 





"We collaborated with 5 type foundries and 2 illustrators. Featuring 16 different stocks, a variety of print techniques and a neat slipcase with a genius locking devise.

Taking cues from the Woodstock colours, reminiscent of school books, we created a range notebooks and a diary; everyday functional items that also carried the range details, broken down into school subjects.

The Maths book specified the different weights; the Geography book detailed the environmental credentials; the history book documented the Fedrigoni timeline; and the Art book was printed using fluorescent and metallic inks.
The diary showcased all the Woodstock colours, using seasons as inspiration.

Cooler colours were used for the winter weeks and warmer colours throughout the summer. 53 typefaces were kindly donated from five of the best type foundries, to feature each week as useful resource. The books are kept together in a slipcase that uses the pencil as a lock."

Desigend by The One Off, UK