Phoenix Organic Beverage

Curious Design, New Zealand addressed the entire range of products for Phoenix, a organic beverage company. The range includes juices, spiraling juices and carbonated drinks. 













"In today's busy world, it's not always easy to find a good alternative. Like a drink that's good for you, good for your taste buds and good for the planet. However Phoenix Organic’s  have achieved that and are committed to giving everyone a ‘good choice’, with drinks that not only delight the taste buds but are liberated from genetically modified and artificial ingredients."
"They also made a 'really good choice' in selecting Curious to refresh their packaging. After a 100% organic and sustainably grown design process, we reckon that the results speak for themselves!"
"Curious addressed the entire range of products in the Phoenix portfolio, ranging from juices and sparkling juices to carbonated drinks. The integration of simple 'crafted' typography, understated graphic elements for the carbonated drinks and beautifully illustrated fruit for the juices ensured that a strong family connection was created, while retaining distinct category attributes.The result? An impactful presence on-shelf and a true reflection of the natural, organic beverages that Phoenix lovingly craft. It's all about making a good choice." 
Designed by Curious Design, New Zealand