Before & After: Jaffo

Jaffo Bunch packaging designed by advertising agnecy Popular Bruketa & Žinić.


"JAFFO brand needed some help with creating a new brand strategy that would ensure its further existence in the Jaffa family."



"We treated JAFFO as a brand that communicates above all with the youngest population, and in accordance with that, we created the whole visual identity. At the end of the creative process, the entire brand was transformed, the product was improved, while the name remained the same.


We've created 5 different, imaginary characters as a part of the new communicational platform, representing 5 different flavors, each with its own name, look, and characteristics. That way we managed to realize the client`s idea to have a brand mascot, by creating characters whose faces appear on the packages themselves, as mascots. 


Besides TVCs, the campaign which is based on the new platform has included a new mini site and various POS materials. We've also introduced some funny applications -JAFFOTAPANJE facebook battleship game and a mobile alarm clock - JAFFO Jutro!."