Payette Brewing Company

 "The Project: Payette Brewing Company was established in 2010 by brewer/founder Mike Francis and has rapidly grown to a 15 barrel brewing system in just two years time."





"They currently offer three year round beers, Payette Pale Ale, Outlaw IPA and Mutton Buster Brown Ale. With the growing popularity of these beers on tap in the Treasure Valley and an opportunity to be the first beer producer in Idaho to release pop top beer cans, Payette approached Drake Cooper to make that opportunity a reality and provide their loyal followers with craft beer goodness they can take with them while adventuring this great state. The cans were concepted, designed and produced over a three month period in Spring of 2012 and the cans were released on July 27, 2012."

The Design Inspiration: For greatest effect read the following in your best Sam Elliott voice over. Typically, the inspiration behind the cans resides in the can, but beyond the liquid muse, there were cues taken from the Wild West spirit of Idaho, a destination for outdoor adventure and Payette Brewing Company’s home base. Design elements and evocative beer names like Payette Pale Ale, Mutton Buster Brown Ale and Outlaw IPA further this motif.
As you indulge yourself in Payette’s craft beer goodness there is a chance of missing a few details at first glance. But upon closer inspection (or on your second can), you may notice a clever barcode bearing the shape of this great adventure state. There’s even a target on the can for a little practice before you recycle your empties. Now what's more Idaho than that?


Company: Payette Brewing Company
Agency: Drake Cooper
Creative Director: Jennie Myers
Designer: Conrad Garner
Producer: Ball

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