San Franola Granola

"San Franola Granola is a premium all-natural granola with the sun, sand, and soul of California fresh roasted into its core."






Two friends spent twelve years perfecting San Franola’s health-centered granola recipe and the packaging aims to reflect the pride of craftsmanship that goes into each bite.With an identity that is firmly cemented in the hills of San Francisco our goal was to drive an aesthetic that was unquestionably SF without relying on the tired photorealism that often goes hand-in-hand with location-based identities. The result is an identity that uses elegant silhouettes and a warm color pallet to create a narrative that is instantly familiar without feeling literal. The identity reinterprets bold and iconic SF imagery to achieve a local and national level of recognition. When taken in combination with San Francisco’s reputation as a leader in healthy eating, the imagery and warm color pallet work to communicate the rich, hand roasted flavor of the San Franola granola.

When designing packaging our main goal was to tell the San Franola story in a smart and sophisticated manner while also ensuring that it stand out on the shelf. San Franola is the first granola maker to implement single serve packaging and we make it stand out by using an unconventional tall and slender box; when taken in combination with the new design for the gusset bag, both packages emulate the Golden Gate bridge’s height and its iconic gable design.

In short, we are proud to stand behind a product that people may buy because they love the packaging and then continue to buy because they love the granola."

Designed by: BRIGADE in collaboration with Daniel Maimin and San Franola founders Matt Teichmann & David Miskie.
Designer : Joe Marden Creative Director : Kirsten Modestow


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