Mama's Sauce is a boutique letterpress and screenprinter in Orlando that uses only eco-friendly inks and recycled papers. They printed this packaging for their client, Metrodeck:

"Metrodeck are limited-edition playing cards silkscreened on recycled New York Metro cards. The cards are individually hand-printed in four colors of enamel ink."

Every card has been gathered at random, after having been purchased, used, and discarded by either a visitor or resident of New York City. Some have been signed or otherwise marked, making each card one of a kind."

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"Appropriating the language of playing cards, the deck emphasizes the common thread between commuters, public transportation, and chance. The face cards are inspired by landmarks across the five Boroughs, referencing the tremendous reach of the subway system. The packaging was also a good opportunity to expand on the look of the project by referencing NYC's subway lines.


Whether it’s a delay because of a sick passenger, train traffic ahead, or the ever-popular police activity, a “lucky hand” can make the difference between a brisk fifteen minute commute or a grueling, hour-long one."

Designer Norman Ibarra painstakingly screen-printed all these cards, one by one! 

Available at Metrodeck website.