A Peek Inside this Syrian Agency that’s Resettled in Cairo and Istanbul

“Speaking from our hearts—Syria would be our favourite location to base our company,” Mohammed Wattar, co-founder of ALEP Studio confesses. Unfortunately, due to the conflict and other circumstances, this is not the reality and they currently operate out of Cairo and Istanbul. We spoke with Wattar to learn more about Syrian culture and how it influences the design work at ALEP Studio, design trends, where the team turns to for inspiration on a daily basis, and more.

20 Packaging Designs That Make Consumers Feel like the Special Snowflakes They Really Are

In our mass-market, multinational-led world, the consumer is still just an individual. And as brands grow, the level of connection to the individual diminishes. The basic human instinct to be social and connected does not dissipate in a commercial transaction. We all want to feel connected to the brands we patronize and the products we use, so to satisfy this desire (without losing scale) brands continue to seek ways to offer variety. After taking a closer look at the trend of Uniqueness in The Dieline's 2017 Trend Report, we put together 20 amazing packaging designs that create a more personal relationship between the product and consumer.

This American Southwest-Themed Makeup Concept will Brighten Your Day

Makeup has the frustrating tendency to fade away throughout the day, but not with Prick Cosmetics. This makeup concept from Abby Leighton combines a love of gorgeous destinations like Sedona in southwest with beauty products. Plus, since they’re desert-inspired, they’re designed to withstand hot days without the need for reapplication.

Capturing the 1800s Apothecary Scene in Gypsy Tonic’s Intricate Packaging

Gypsy Tonic is certainly one-of-a-kind. After all, you won’t find any other chocolate almond flavored superfood health supplements out there! The intricate, ornate design transports consumers to a different time, so we spoke with Tom Lane, the designer behind the beverage. He told us more about the inspiration he used to create a true apothecary vibe, developing the custom lettering, designing with color versus black and white, and more.

Can you Design for Retail Without Compromising your Brand?

Here’s a scenario: you’ve gone through a redesign that you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into (and so has your agency). You’ve been thinking about retailer asks along the way, but when it’s time to present to the customer you get thrown for a loop at the 11th hour. The ask(s) seems out of left field and you struggle to see a solution. Let's dive into the three angles you should consider: your point of view, your sales team’s, and of course, the retailer’s.