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What the AIGA and IBM Partnership Means for the Future of Design

Have you heard the news? AIGA recently announced an exciting partnership with IBM, the first official AIGA Sponsor for Design Leadership. Working together, they’ve developed programs that demonstrate how design improves the human experience, amplifying the role of design professionally and in the world.

Celebrate Inebriation Day With this Alcoholiday Gift Set

In honor of this year's Inebriation Day...oops we meant Inauguration Day, 1 Trick Pony designed this special gift set to help get you through the day. These two special edition bottles come together to make up one image, complete with elegant details such as metallic foil and a branded label placed cleverly to the side.

True Italian Gelato with Perfectly Crafted Packaging

It might be winter, but we could definitely use a few scoops of this insanely delicious gelato! Abby Ryan Design and Mike L Perry developed the packaging for Nancy Silverton’s Nancy’s Fancy Gelato, and the result is simply mouthwatering. Delightful details highlight the simple yet flavorful varieties offered while adding in just the right amount of traditional Italian flair.

Must-Have Cosmetics from South Africa with a Minimalist Design

Yes, Me&Youth is a cosmetics company, but their focus is on great skin rather than offering every shade of eyeshadow. This holistic, healthy approach helped inform their new packaging, designed by Nicholas Christowitz. Me&Youth products have a minimalist design, with black and white containers that highlight the beauty in less. Splashes of floral designs give it a feminine touch.

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