This Syrup Packaging is Flashy and Classy
stay, an original flavour made with passion in Central Otago." Designed By: makebardo Location: Queenstown, New Zealand makebardo designed this glistening packaging for The Changer, a brand of syrup that can be used to makebardo_TheChanger_02.jpg
Zamora - Meat Snacks
Makebardo communicative simplicity." Designed by makebardo Client: Zamora Country: Queenstown City: New Zealand
Lillevik Alpine Cider Serves Up Great Design
New Zealand agency makebardo designed the playful packaging and branding for Lillevik Alpine, a category that generates an impact on the street." Agency: makebardo Location: New Zealand makebardo
. They asked makebardo to develop the brand identity and packaging for the products that were both subcategory of products.” Designed by makebardo Country: New Zealand
Baker Bob's Fruit Hot Cross Buns
bakery aesthetic with a very modern and minimal execution.” Designed by makebardo Client: Baker Bob’s Country: New Zealand in Australia: Fruit Hot Cross Buns. New Zealand agency makebardo was tasked with creating a simple
Davies Bakery
font, these vibrant hues give Davies Bakery a modern appeal. Designed by: makebardo Country: New Zealand City: Queenstown rye or rustic grains. The packaging for the loaves, designed by makebardo, respects the history and
Little Balena
it is designed and planned.” Designed by: makebardo Client: Little Balena Country: New Zealand City: Queenstown purchase there is a tree planted in a national forest. Designed by makebardo, there was a need to
combination of both bring us a perfect equilibrium indicating the soul of the brand. Designed by #makebardo Country: New Zealand
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