Francis Ford Coppola Director's Redesign
reflect the 'COPPOLA' branding, but still relate to the over all Director's Cut family brand. Foil/embossed." Click to read more ...
Wise_up Greeting Cards
printed in fine paper and have special details, as varnish, foil, emboss, etc. Each box has 8 cards and 8
Emperor Tea
embossing add timeless European royal touch to the whole presentation. keep package contemporary and fresh. Heavy weight velour paper, high gloss partial warnish and hot foil
Native Nectar - Organic Vodka
.” The gold foil, embossing and use of typography are very premium and elegantly elevate the bottle
hot foil embossed and relief-varnished band opening the packaging. The gloss patterns are smart and
Wheeler's Western Dry Gin
him. The design incorporates a matte black label with silver foil and emboss. At the center of an
Silvaurum Olive Oil
creates the brand's "S" identical monogram while printed on Manter Jade Satin paper with hot foil stamping and embossing, designed by PAGÀ DISSENY. Designed by PAGÀ DISSENY Country: Spain City: Barcelona creates the brand's "S" identical monogram while printed on Manter Jade Satin paper with hot foil stamping and embossing, designed by PAGÀ DISSENY.
Misc. Goods Co.
cards. The tuck cases are offset, foil and emboss. The playing card paper is "Bee" … and is the
Empire Playing Cards
paper stock. The box will be gold foil stamped, embossed and will also feature an imperial, scarlet
Ninety-Wines: A Dotted Grid Full of Meaning
of this punctuation we assigned each value a coloured foil embossing: 92 corresponds to black, 95 to
use of foil, embossing, blind embossing, spot varnishing, and blurred print effects compliment the
cutting, and die cutting. Gold foil disks surround the traditional KOVAL plaque.” Designed by Dando environmentally sustainable techniques, this new label features Flexo paper with gold foil, embossing, laser
the finest italian paper producers, the hot foil, the embossing of the brand-name and the
Cordant Wines
simply with pearl foil and embossing, with a short capsule showcasing a blind embossed monogram, the
Few Spirits
silver foil-stamping & embossing as well." Designed by Wilburn Thomas
label features premium details such as foil and emboss finishes, number of the limited production
Ugmonk 5th Anniversary Set
200 of these sets were produced. A special box with an embossed copper foil 5th Anniversary seal was
Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition
heroes of the design. Foil, embossing and gloss varnish have been applied, which bring these icons
These Conceptual Wine Bottles are Decadent and Detailed
irreverently celebrates the spirit of a swashbuckling outlaw that lives in each of us. A foil-embossed fox
This Wine Will Transport You To The Great Outdoors
vineyard logo onto the corks and foil embossed the vineyards seal onto black matte foil caps. Our goal
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