The Coffee House Tells The Tale Of 'Cuoi' Via Lanterns


The Purpose Group delivers beautifully illustrated stories for The Coffee House, Vietnam's fastest growing coffee chain, limited edition Mooncake packaging, The Tale of 'Cuoi. While predominantly blue, there are pops of color for varying characters against the white background. 

"A reimagining of a classic children's fable of the Mid-Autumn Festival, with a slight steampunk twist. Whereas mooncake packaging trends lean more and more towards the delicacy aesthetics, our design team choose to champion the characters that carry on the cultural spirit of this festive season. 

The box itself is a hand-held lantern, encouraging kids and the kids in us to roam the neighborhoods, singing and enjoying the sweet taste that embody what childhood feels like, and will be remembered by. The Tale of 'Cuoi' and its visuals also live through multiple collaterals, augmented-reality contents, and even an aminated music video."


Client: The Coffee House

Agency: The Purpose Group

Creative Directors: Do Dang Thuong, Le Huy Anh

Art Directors: Duy Anh Nguyen, Ngo Thien Huong

Designers: Duy Anh Nguyen, Ngo Thien Huong, Quan Nguyen

Copywriters: Quang Thai, Vinh Sy Huu

Illustrator: An Nguyen Photography: Yes Studio

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, China