Orama Minimal Frames Takes A High-End Approach To Catalogs


Orama Minimal Frames reached out to creative agency, Roleplay to produce a high-end catalog for presentations with clients. The matte black packaging, topped with a glossy lettering throughout sets it over the top. 

"Orama Minimal Frames is a new entry in the international minimal window market. They asked for an elegant, portable display case targeted to their most important audience: architects. It offers a full presentation of their products and services along with various gems: a detachable tray contains a puzzle game with most of the system's details for the customer to form their own frame solutions as well as a branded magnetic pencil."


Client: Orama Minimal Frames
Agency: Roleplay
Creative Direction: Roza Giannopoulou
Art Direction: Leonidas Oikonomou
Designer/Photgrapher: Mateo Gomez Unda
Manufacturer: Lychnia S.A.