Is Keepers A Keeper?


Between La Croix, White Claw and Topo Chico, sparkling beverages are filling the market. Now, the bubbles are greeting your favorite morning drink, coffee with Keepers. 

"Imagine two things that you’d never think to put together, like Kendrick Lamar and your grandmother going grocery shopping. It’s that special feeling you get when you experience something totally unexpected."


"Coffee and bubbles! 

Sparkling coffee was introduced into the market last year with the release of Keepers Sparkling Citrus Coffee. Now we're releasing Keepers Black and re-designing our packaging from the ground up. The new design helps position the drink as a high-end yet fun (and somewhat shocking) new way to drink coffee. We now expose the traceability of the ingredients on the side of the can, not only showing the region the beans came from but the actual farm the coffee beans came from."


"The stark black and white cans stand out from all the busy drink packaging out in the market, and the zen line drawings were also meant to make people slow down and take notice that this is something new and different. We also chose matte finished cans to further differentiate the product from the others."


Agency: Condensed 
Designer: Sam Zhao
Art Direction: Thi Lam & Brent Lagerman