Farnham Ale & Lager

Farnham Ale & Lager brewery is a new company that is stirring-up in the world of Quebec beers. The brewer, located in the village of the same name, called on lg2boutique to design their brand platform–identity, packaging and extended collateral. That resulted in packaging that reflected their product with a handcrafted and modern look. 

"All of the graphic elements were chosen to highlight the beer’s origin, which was this Eastern Townships railway town. The four flavors stand out with their strong color codes, their degrees of bitterness are indicated by 12, 27, 33 and 64, highlighted numbers, and the diagonal cross symbolizes a railway crossing."


Designed by lg2boutique 

Country: Canada

Creative Director: Jacques de Varennes

Graphic Designers: Mira Gautheir, Anthony Verge

Production Director: Julie Pichette

Graphic Production: Marc Rivest

Strategy: Catherine Darius

Account Services: Isabelle Miville