Tarongino Seeks Inspiration From The Mediterranean


Watermark Design gives Tarongino, light, crisp and slightly sweet from wine made with oranges, 


"Tarongino is a fun, fresh, sparkling canned wine made from 100% organic oranges. The oranges are picked from the Mencheta family’s fifth generation orchards and is crafted in Valencia, Spain."


"Challenged with introducing this unique wine, made from oranges, to the United States, we wanted to be sure the packaging reflected both the taste of the wine, as well as the feeling of being in the Mediterranean. The Tarongino package design evokes the azure seas, the oranges and pinks of the fruit, and the warm sunsets together into a can that easily travels for leisurely picnics, brunches, pool days and happy hours.

"Following this daytime into evening use, packaging Tarongino in a can was the perfect fit and compliments the cool, crisp taste of the wine. We also wanted to be sure to clearly and quickly convey the USP on the packaging - Wine From Oranges (not to be confused with orange wine) to ensure that there was no confusion during purchase.

"We continued the lighthearted branding, focused on enjoyment, into merchandise that our target audience would delight in wearing and using.

Orange you glad you can soon enjoy Tarongino in the US? Launching Fall 2018!" 


Agency: Watermark Design
Creative Director: Darcey Lacy
Designer: Jena Thielges
Location: Virginia, USA