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Frank's Dachshund Dog Collection

Frank's is a line of dog products specifically for the dachshund, or widely known as "the hot dog - dog." A design created by Amanda Day, who utilized strong type with delicate patterns to showcase this line of pet products that includes bow ties and gentle knit sweaters. A collection that is unique, specific, and unlike anything out in the market. 

"I was asked to design a packaging system for pet products that was unlike anything else on the market. The brand was specifically for the dachshund. The typography is bold and classic, suggesting a sense of luxury and taste, even in a dog food. I paired the strong type with delicate handcrafted graphic patterns, all printed on a recycled stock. Ultimately, the design will not only appeal to dachshund owners but all dog lovers."
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Plume & Compagnie Chicken Feed

Brand Union Paris revamped Plume and Compagnie’s chicken feed packaging which now boasts the company mascot boasting about the wonders of the product. The bird brings life, texture, and dimension to the 2-d label and seal. The white bag uses a hint of pastel to compose the chicken as a black line drawing animates the product character with a playful vibe.

"The farmyard category has seen an evolution over the past two years. Plume & Compagnie wanted to capitalize on this growing by making the difference, we needed something that goes beyond the high quality products (chicken food). The challenge was to commercialize this proposition and make it desirable."
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Petpory Training Pads

Normally the training pads available for pets are designed with pictures of a dog or puppy sitting on the training pad or large alphabets indicating that the products are for dogs or puppies to urinate on. Prompt Design came up with the idea to make Petpory Brand stand out by using a sign that everyone would understand and be familiar with. The sign "Comfort Pee Zone" indicates that it is a training pad, and to make the product more attractive, it is also designed with a picture of a dog holding the sign with a facial expression saying "That this is what they want."

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Student: Ollie Amiko Cats Food

Ollie Amiko Cats Food is an academic exploration into pet packaging from student Joshua White. 

"An academic exploration into pet product packaging: a proposed Target Brand to fill a curious vacancy. Presented and packaged in a way that rewards exploration of the container, Ollie Amiko offers simple ingredients, well: as it should be."

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K-10+ A Supplement for Your Dog's Water

K-10+ is a new line of water soluble supplements for your dog's water. K-10+ is a revolutionary first of its kind product that is super easy and convenient, and 9x more effective than chews and hard to swallow pills. There is nothing like it on store shelves and the package design is fresh, modern, and impactful, especially in the pet care and pet health world. 

K-10+ founder Ryan Holden Singer came up with the original design idea for the product packaging, and worked with friend and graphic designer Paul Darragh to further realize the concept and execute the final packaging.

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Vafo - Petit


Vafo - Petit is a dog food, snack and supplement product. The design is inspired by "the world of fashion." The photography and typography is to aim the tag line "Small in size, big in mind" as the aim for the product is for small dogs. A wonderfully different type of design that you usually see in this line of product. Read more about this design from DePOT design after the jump!

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Makin’ Trax and Adirondack

"Blackwood recently tasked Kick with re-packaging two of their legacy brands, in hopes of extending their retail footprint and gaining new market traction. Kick’s new packaging system concepts for the Adirondack and Makin’ Trax brands inspired Blackwood to rethink how they introduce all of their brands to retail partners.

Concepts for both brands were designed to appeal to owners who value “outside” time with their pets and appreciate the quality of a food made in the USA. Kick updated both brands with bold new visuals and messaging. The Adirondack packaging system utilizes beautiful nature photography and bright colors to differentiate recipes and to tell a story targeted at adventure-seeking pet owners, while the packaging system for Makin’ Trax targets hunters and their families."

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Sticks & Bones

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"Sticks and Bones is a contemporary dog company that sells toys and treats for your hip pooch. When designing Sticks and Bones, Farm Design wanted to create pet packaging that would stand out on the shelves and put a smile on the consumer’s face.
The sophisticated identity along with the bold icons, cheeky type, and bright colors creates a modern twist that sets a new standard for the pet market. Personality has been injected into the brand and packaging throughout with a playful tone that includes instructional “Train Your Pooch” diagrams, iconographic ingredient charts, and popular pet phrases."
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Cat Leader

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"Cat Leader is a new family of high-quality natural cat litter products from Geohellas. The name Cat Leader connotes the premium quality of the products and is a play on the English “cat litter". The family consists of 8 variants (classic, classic with wild nature aroma, clumping, clumping with wild nature aroma, each in 5kg and 10kg bags), which are exported to more than 15 countries and are available exclusively from pet shops and veterinary clinics. The product’s philosophy can be summed up in a simple phrase: the leading choice for happy cats. And this is precisely the philosophy applied in all the branding for the product – from the design of the logo and the choice of name to the packaging design.

The name Cat Leader connotes the premium quality of the products and is a play on the English “cat litter”. The logo, created through the typography, suggests quality and leaves visual space for the star of the product pack, a cat! For the packaging graphics we made an equally abstract but effective choice, which also distinguishes the products from the competition, using the image of an imposing, contented cat combined with bold blocks of colour."

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