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15 Awesome Packaging Designs That Give Back

Consumer values and ideals are constantly shifting depending on the current climate. In recent times, consumers have called for their brands to be more socially responsible, and in our modern day it's getting more and more difficult for a brand to stay neutral. There are a great number of brands and products aimed toward not only serving a functional purpose but also a philanthropic one. Here we've picked out 15 awesome examples of brands that give back.

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38 Beautiful Examples of Packaging That Feature Typography-Driven Designs

Every designer knows the overarching importance of choosing the right typeface for your project. This is especially true within the realm of packaging design where your type can make or break how well your product performs. When executed well, typography can also become the focal point or main element of a package design, especially when no other graphic or illustrative approach is taken. Here we've picked out 38 projects that feature typography-driven package designs.

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