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Touring Canndescent, the Hermés of Cannabis

Did you know that Palm Desert approved 35 applications for cannabis-based businesses in December 2017 and that 5 grows have already begun construction?

I didn’t, and it wasn’t until I arrived at the gates of Canndescent, which is well tucked away and rather inconspicuous except for a sign with their name on the top right corner of the building, that I realized the cannabis industry was in fact, booming out here.

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Can The Gaming Industry Un-Bro Its Packaging?

According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a video game trade group, 41% of women play video games, in fact, women over 18 now comprise a bigger segment than boys under 18. In spite of the number of women that play video games, the industry still creates products and markets them heavily towards a male audience. Games, peripherals, and accessories are designed, presented and packaged to appeal more towards men than women.

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Pantone Releases New TPG Sheets

Are you an interior designer stuck on a project because you can’t decide what shades would perfectly fit the space and the client’s needs?Stress no more as Pantone, the world-renowned color experts for designers, manufacturers, retailers and even customers, has officially dropped Textile Paper – Green (TPG)  Sheets.

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THREEANGL Fights Stank B.O. & Plastic Waste

It’s summertime, the temperature is nearing 100 degrees, and your B.O. is clearing rows on the train to work because you can't find a deodorant that doesn't generate pit rash.

And that’s where underarm upstarts THREEANGL comes in. The all-natural, vegan deodorant was founded by Pierre Chan and Alexandre Corriveau early this year with the three major core values: health, environment and innovation.  

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Behold! A Compostable Pizza Box!

World pizza champion and executive chef Glen Cybulski teamed up with World Centric to create a container that not only delivers greatness but is at one with the environment. This specially crafted compostable pizza container is made from 80% sugarcane and 20% bamboo, materials that work as an insulator to regulate moisture and temperature.

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The 5 Best Pieces of April Fool's Day Packaging We Saw This Year

April Fool’s Day is about as painful as your old man’s best Dad joke. In fact, if you're not one to laugh at practical jokes, it’s quite possibly the worst day of the year.  Sure, some of the jokes induce a hearty eye roll rather than a belly laugh, but there are a few companies that go over the top and design some fantastic faux-packaging to compliment their attempt at scheduled humor.

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Please Get Your International Women’s Day Branding & Packaging Right

Every year during the month of March, the packaging world serves up a handful of women empowerment designs to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. From McDonald's inverting the famous "M" to a "W" in 100 women-owned stores to Smirnoff delivering “Phenomenal You” bottles to 100 women across the globe, the love this year is real.And while no one would argue that women shouldn't be recognized, in the process of celebrating them, let's be smart about it. How you execute the idea is the most important piece, end of story. 

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A Plastic Planet on Life After The Plastic-Free Aisle

Last month, A Plastic Planet (APP) opened the world’s first plastic-free aisle at one of Netherlands-based grocery chain Ekoplaza’s locations in Amsterdam. Offering over 700 plastic-free items, this joint venture has brought sustainability to the marketplace for consumers who are fed up with the seemingly infinite amount of plastic clogging up our landfills and oceans. While no one expects APP to change the world overnight, they’re generating an enormous amount of buzz. 

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BrewDog Learns Some Hard Truths About Making a Satirical “Beer for Girls”

With International Women's Day earlier this month, and the powerful impact of the #MeToo movement and Time's Up, brands are switching it up and incorporating female empowerment into their packaging design for the month of March. It's a hit-or-miss trend that when it falls short, generally results in an endless amount of shade from the Twitter-sphere. Even brands with the best of intentions like McDonald's and Stacy's Pita Chips can still be trolled. 

One of the companies currently in the line of fire this month is BrewDog, a Scotland-based brewery, for their "new" Pink IPA.

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