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Lose The Sugar But Not The Taste With Sola

Health and Happiness Agency LRXD has created packaging for Sola, a sugar substitute that will be introduced in a line of low-carb and low-sugar branded products. Sola—which is made out of sweeteners found in fruits, vegetables and dairy products—looks, tastes, measures, browns and caramelizes just like sugar, but it contains 75% fewer calories and zero net carbs.

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The Design For This Rice Brand Was Inspired By an Italian Cathedral's Floor Tiles

Milanese artisan rice brand RISO D’UOMO has revealed a new visual identity by Here Design. Cultivated from pure Carnaroli rice grown within sight of the historic Duomo di Milano, RISO D’UOMO’s refreshed design takes direct inspiration from the product’s place of origin, reflecting the ornate marble floor tiles of this impressive cathedral.

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