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City By City: 15 CDMX & MTY Born Brands

Mexico City and Monterrey are two Mexican cities with rich history and vibrant culture. They're home to first-class art communities that have made their mark on the world over (and the tortas are pretty f’n amazing too). In our City by City series, we’re taking a close look at some of the best branding and package design in the world today, and Mexico City and Monterrey are no exception. 

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42 Examples of Packaging Designs That Incorporate Handwritten-Style Typography

It's no secret that typography can make or break how successful the packaging of a product can be, as it usually dictates the most important information and also conveys a specific feeling or look. We've noticed a recent rise in the use of handwritten type within the packaging design industry and wanted to gather some great examples of designs that incorporate this style in a great way.

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35 Awesome Condiment Packaging Designs

Condiments can help elevate any meal, or simply add a little bit of something to bring your food over the edge. Throughout the years we've seen some awesome packaging designs from within this market, especially considering there are so many products to choose from. Here we've picked out 35 awesome examples of condiment packaging designs to help you dig into your next meal.

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