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This Seattle-Based Design Agency Was Create Specifically For the Cannabis Industry

Dose, the Seattle-based Cannabis oil company approached OMD Agency to create their brand from the ground up. Not to be confused with this OMD, Online Marijuana Design (OMD) is a full-service agency specifically created for the Cannabis industry. Dose wanted to have a product line that seemed luxurious, but without the high price tag. To satisfy their goal, OMD created a clean logo, a bright and modern color palette, and consistent subtle patterning to give a touch of luxe. 

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YASAM Vape Liquid Base

For the past few years, vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking. Most people don't know that those who vape can sometimes take on a mad scientist persona, especially when they invest in mixing their own e-juices (for different flavors). YaSam tapped into that DIY idea and created a brand surrounding it, the name Ya Sam meaning 'Myself'. 

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