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How Stranger & Stranger Designed the Strangest Board Game

The Game of Stranger arrived at The Dieline’s doorstep shortly before the holiday break, and we all instantly dropped whatever we should have been working on to open it up. This was one holiday gift we couldn’t wait to see. This year’s Stranger & Stranger holiday gift certainly didn’t disappoint—it did, however, confuse, excite, and amaze us, all at once.

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The Hilarious Fake Packaging of the Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset

Forget dollhouses or kitchen sets—The Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset is the hot toy of the holiday season. Complete with bar stools and beer bottles, this is the perfect way to unwind after a tough day on the playground. Parents be advised: it’s not recommended for children under three.

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Facebook's NEW Deck of Playing Cards With Marketing Insights for Agencies

There are a ton of different custom playing cards out on the market these days but none like this one. With the help of Human After All, Facebook created a new deck of playing cards to help agencies from around the world easily access their marketing insights.

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Union Playing Cards

Union Playing Cards are filled with imagery of the American Revolution — 
with a message of freedom, hope, and independence.

Are you a playing card collector? Or do you love the Colonial History of the United States? If so, you have to check out this new playing cards from Theory11. Made with vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates, this deck has been in the making for over a year now. Patriotic symbols of peace, prosperity, and potential, illustrated by Jay Fletcher, are printed and gold-stamped onto the cards with a breathtaking result. 

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Technology Will Save Us


"Technology Will Save Us is one of the UK’s most exciting design-led, technology start-ups. They are on a mission to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn and create using technology and design DIY Gadget Kits that you can make and code yourself."

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Zara Play

Zara commissioned Lavernia Cienfuegos to create Zara baby boy and Girl fragrances. The concept in mind was to create a simple and attractive packaging that spoke to a childs visual language but also had a classic and vintage feel to it. Creating playing blocks with the packaging made perfect sense, as reading letters and numbers is both playful but also a classic learning toy for children. The design combines kraft paper with soft baby blue and pink colors with bold letters. 

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