11 Budweiser Summer State Cans from NY to CA

There are 12 different Budweiser breweries across the country, proudly brewing Bud’s distinct golden suds. Californians drink Budweiser brewed in California. New Yorkers drinks Bud from New York. To celebrate Budweiser’s home-grown pride, Bud replaced the name of the beer with the 11 individual states that brew Bud: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia—bringing to life each state’s individuality, and only available for sale in those states.

45 Awesome Coffee Packaging Designs

Ahh coffee, the caffeinated beverage of the Gods. Coffee is consumed all over the world and prepared in a variety of different ways. The coffee market is saturated with a variety of choices, so it's only fitting that the industry has a plethora of amazing packaging designs. Here we gathered 45 awesome examples of coffee packaging. Grab a fresh cup and enjoy!

This Spiralized Bottle will Definitely Make You Want a Fanta

After a 5-year process, the new Fanta bottle is finally here—and it’s totally twisted, literally. The inspiration for the design was born out of play, giving the bottle a fun, lively look. You’ll currently find the bottle in Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Malta, Serbia, Finland, and Romania, although it will expand production in the next few months.

Why “Insight” is More than what Consumers Tell You…

Cracks are appearing in the once impenetrable walls that guarded the key to product and pack design. The unswerving focus on consumer insight to supposedly unlock innovation is waning. Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers are beginning to realise more agile innovation that brings competitive advantage and has staying power, needs to come from stronger innovation foundations—beyond what consumers tell us.

Brand Spotlight: Party Hard with Unelefante’s Festive Supplies

Balloons, streamers, confetti, and more—Unelefante is dedicated to making celebrations bright, fun, and totally Instagram-worthy. Founded by Tatiana Sánchez, this Mexico-based magically takes the excitement of partying and puts them into decorations to make a bash even better. And what started as a small business run out of her mother’s home has now turned into a retail space biz with 10 full-time employees and a handful of paid interns.

How Designers of JOLA Honey Avoided Cliches to Create this Lovely Packaging

“All illusions are to be used.”

While seeing the future might seem impossible, it’s exactly what Tough Slate Design tries to do. The agency, located in the Ukraine, states, “We are dedicated to invent solutions,” and this means going beyond what already exists and creating something new, fresh, and risky. With a wide portfolio of work, from advertising projects to branding to packaging, Tough Slate Design aims to look past the horizon and bring the solutions of the future here to us today.