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Successori Reda Celebrates 150 Years with this Iconic Book

150 years is certainly something to celebrate! For this important milestone, Successori Reda turned to Studio Fantastico to create a specialty book that would highlight their achievements and history. The book looks like an instant classic, finding an easy place on the coffee table to be flipped through time and time again. Red and white splatters on the box instantly catch the eye, while the book itself takes a simple, clean approach to displaying the information.

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Define the Difference

Noble Development is a leading property developer in Thailand, well-known for its unique take on architecture. Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok were briefed to create gift sets to represent Noble's uncompromising approach in consistently applying its "be different" design philosophy with over 20 projects for 25 years. Each of the 8 gift set designs they created were inspired by one of Noble's condominiums. 

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Beerophilia Club

Motto Bureau developed branding and packaging for Beerophilia Club, a new brand which unites real beer esthetes and makes a gastronomic cult of it. 

At Beerophilia Club, you will find a lot of fascinating information: at what temperature the bouquet of India Pale Weisen reveals best, why the orange French cheese Mimolette complements the taste of the trappist beer Rochefort and what aftertaste Chimay Blue will offer you. 

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Maffra Cheese

The Maffra Cheese Company, located in the heart of Gippsland's dairy country, has a reputation for producing some of Australia's finest Cheddar. The brief to Brand Society was to develop a clear brand strategy for the local supplier, to successfully launch their range of speciality cheeses into the retail market.

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