Successfully Launching a Brand that also Makes a Positive Social Impact

Whether it’s donating one product for every product sold or donating a portion of profits, companies that aim to make a social impact have popped up for all types of businesses. TOMS shoes, Warby Parker glasses, Ark Collective school supplies, and many more. And while the buy one, give one model has been criticized, the prevalence of small businesses that set out on a mission to do good in the world has shed light on what consumers truly desire—and it allows us to take a closer look at brands who are doing it right, like The Soulfull Project.

How TIQLD’s Unexpected Spice Combinations Inspired its Bold Packaging

TIQLD adds some real spice into the traditional spice rack. This line of spice blends work well for meat, fish, and veggies, packing in loads of flavor without requiring consumers to buy each individual spice and create the blend themselves. We spoke with Co-founder & Creative Sam Lane at Alphabet, the designers behind this bold and playful packaging, to learn more about creating the guiding theme, bringing the culture of India to life through the packaging, creating the custom typeface, and much more.

Passion Project to Baking Business: How Little Boo Boo Bakery Got Started

Marshmallows are marshmallows, right? Not if Little Boo Boo Bakery has anything to say about it. In part 2 of a 4-part series, we're learning about the very beginning of Little Boo Boo Bakery, the artisan marshmallow company in New York started by Hannah Scarritt-Selman. In this part, we'll take a closer look at how these scrumptious sweets went from a passion of hers to a product available for purchase.