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Tetra Pak: Innovation in Caps & Closures

Tetra Pak is undeniably a leader in packaging innovation and technology. The Dieline was cordially invited to an exclusive event held in Modena, Italy, Tetra Pak's headquarters. We were able to sit down and learn about the latest trends in caps and closure innovations. An unveiling of Tetra's latest bio-based On-The-Go packaging. Key takeaways include consumer trends influencing the food packaging industry, innovations, consumer functionality and the importance of bio-based and reusable packaging. 

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Refold Kickstarter: Sustainable Desk Design

The way we work will forever be changed with this Kickstarter campaign from New Zealand design collective Refold. 20 days to go, this desk features sustainability, creativity and is designed for anyone wanting to change the way they work in a drop of a hat! 

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"THISISPAPER is a Warsaw-based multidisciplinary design studio, established in 2012, concentrating on the human side of design. Experienced across all areas of graphic design, art direction, print publishing, product design and event planning."

THISISPAPER'S gardening section is a minimal design that establishes itself on creating an easy and informational design that any consumer that is gardening can easily understand. The design was created in-house at THISISPAPER'S studio and complements the branding and THISISPAPER'S entire brand story.

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Before & After: Hershey's Miniatures

A new contemporary design for Hershey's Miniatures chocolates. The design is bold and incorporates a re-design for the mini-wrapper and bag. The packaging also features a sustainability aspect as each wrapper underwent a weight reduction of 0.050 grams per wrapper. 

This translates to more than 271,800 pounds of wrappers saved, enough to fill 11 tractor trailers, save 1,957 trees, and saving enough electricity to power 56 homes for a full year. The overall design is an exceptional update.

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Online food retailer Yousli enlisted brand agency HubGroup to design packaging with a spark of personality for their line of breakfast cereal products. 

The agency's biggest design challenge was to create a package that could withstand the wear and tear of local and interstate postal delivery and be as sustainable as possible, while keeping the contents fresh.

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Spotlight: Tomorrow Machine

Tomorrow Machine, a design studio based in Sweden, has been producing some of the most innovative packaging designs of the future. Winning the Dieline Packaging Design Awards 2013 for Sustainable Packaging, they are at it again with 5 other creations including Basmati rice, Olive oil, Raspberry smoothie, Microgarden, and the Self-opening food package. What makes their creations so unique is the choice of substrates.

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