Behind the Design of this Holiday Gift that will Unleash Your Inner Child

Agencies often send out holiday gifts to clients, and Goods & Services went above and beyond to provide an extra-special experience for their present recipients. Not only did they create four unique packs of crackers with character inspiration from traditions around the world, but they even incorporated an online game into it. We spoke with Carey George, Partner and Creative Director of Goods & Services, to learn more about their prototyping process, the digital aspect of the design, and balancing beauty and function in packaging design.

What is your design philosophy?

Tell us: what is your design philosophy?

Every designer operates differently, even if the end goal is similar. Your unique style bleeds into your work, whether you find freelance clients or take on assignments at an agency. You discover your own voice as a designer through the things that inspire and interest you, and simply by completing assignments and growing as a designer. And having a design philosophy can help guide you.

Colorful Packaging for Savory Eden & Bridge Premium Pies

Luxury pies? Yes please! We’re loving this fun packaging for Eden & Bridge, a range of luxury pies that come in savory flavors like meat or seafood. U.K. agency Fable&Co. designed the packaging to feature detailed illustrations that are a nod to the olden days when consumers would go to their corner bakery for a fresh meat pie. Splashes of color update the look, though, and clearly express that these are pies for the modern world.

A Fresh Minimalist Design Approach for Plant-Based Skin Care

Less is more, especially when it comes to those who have sensitive skin. They need products without a bunch of chemicals or irritating ingredients, like the line of plant-based Peet Rivko products. Designed by Gunter Piekarski, the packaging expresses the simple, gentle formulas used in each item. Black and white packaging along with a bold, sans serif font look incredibly modern and sleek, appealing to those who need something different from what’s on the market.

Bold Packaging for Natural Lip Colors that will Get You Noticed

Kosås Cosmetics is not for those who are shy and don’t like attention. These lip colors come in rich hues like deep plum and bright strawberry that instantly draw attention. But these aren’t just fun lipsticks to wear—they’re all natural and good for your skin, too. Heavy Atelier, Inc. developed packaging that would express the brand’s values in an elegant and clean way.

40 Stunning Examples of Foil Stamping on Packaging

Foil Stamping is a tried and true printing technique that helps elevate any packaging design. The printing process includes heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. Metallic foil which can come in gold, silver, copper and holographic varieties is probably the most common. From chocolate to coffee to cannabis packaging, check out our 40 stunning examples of foil stamping.

Live Free and Think Wild with Regal Packaging for PUROSANGUE Christmas Wine

“2017 is your year. Live free. Think wild.”

Most holiday gifts are intended to elicit warm feelings and give recipients a cozy feeling. But why not give a gift that motivates you to have a crazy, wild, and wonderful year instead? Carosello Lab developed this special holiday gift—an amazing wine—that encourages you to dream big and go for the impossible.

3 Brands That Prove Why You'll Want to Set Up Your Business Website on Squarespace

Online stores are tricky. Sure, you don’t have to worry about the overhead and startup costs of a brick-and-mortar store, but it also means that clients don’t get to interact with you personally. Your website acts as the face of your brand, welcoming them to your online shop and inviting them to look around. Instead of a sales team member, customers will get to know you and your products on nothing more than a computer screen. Therein lies the challenge: create an enticing ecommerce site that’s welcoming, represents your company, and makes the sale.