VIVA Premium Iced Coffee will Start Your Day off in Style

It feels like your morning coffee is either enjoyed while you relax at home on the weekends or as you race out the door to get to work. VIVA iced coffee is the perfect mix, giving you a delicious coffee drink that you can easily tote around with you. Plus, the slick packaging from BRID - Branding Agency makes it especially elegant so you can feel like you’re really treating yourself.

Call For Entries: The Nielsen Design Impact Award

We thought it was high-time someone formally recognized the power of package design to drive business outcomes. 

Nielsen and The Dieline have decided that 2017 would finally be the year that package design got the recognition it deserves—and not just as a powerful medium for brand expression, but as a killer marketing vehicle that attracts new buyers and drives sales. We wanted a way to formally recognize the very real and measurable business impact of outstanding package design.

Andrew Gibbs
Why the Maker Movement is Important to the Future of Branding

Traditionally, creating a brand has been thought of in two dimensions; a unique name and a logo that is introduced to the consumer through advertising and marketing campaigns across traditional and online channels. In contrast, model making has always been a set of tools exclusive to designers and makers who think, work, and build in 3D. But the much-publicized “Maker Movement” has gotten its hands on the wheels of innovation, and brand owners and their design partners are seeing a new paradigm emerge.

Behind the Eye-Popping Pop Art of Elo Soaps

Greek gods get a makeover with Elo Soaps, a line of olive oil body products that tourists and locals alike will love. Designed by Smirap Designs, it takes a refreshing approach to the gods that are commonly portrayed on souvenirs and gifts from Greece. We spoke with Mike Karolos at Smirap Designs to learn more about how he developed the illustrations for this line of products, how he achieves his signature pop art style, and working with clients who have limited budgets.

Mushroom-Infused Products Never Looked so Elegant

You may not love mushrooms, but their many health benefits might just sway you to try Loom’s line of products. Pusher Studio was tasked with designing Loom, giving mushrooms a good name and allowing consumers to focus on the medicinal benefits as well as the wonderful flavor of their products. The packaging is simple and modern, having a bit of an artisanal feel while still highlighting the wonderful health aspects mushrooms possess.

Travel the World with This Bookstore Packaging

A good book can take you to faraway places and give you experiences you’ve never even dreamed of. When the Swedish bookstore Akademibokhandeln needed packaging for their shop and online, they turned to Garbergs_Project to develop something that would highlight the power of reading. Black and white text allow the splashes of red to truly pop, and act as the perfect canvas for contributions from authors and illustrators.

This Whimsical Vibrator Packaging Looks like a Work of Art

Play Vibe believes that sexual pleasure is simply natural. The packaging, designed by Urszula Krasny, uses flora and fauna to emphasize that sexual wellness is a part of overall health. Elegant illustrations and bold colors express a modern and feminine vibe, and names of each product are a nod to some of history’s pioneers in sexual health.

The History of Lunar New Year Meets Iconic Coca-Cola

Vietnamese agency Ki Saigon is behind this special Coca-Cola packaging. Working with one of the most well-known brands in the world, Ki Saigon aimed to create something that would take the work to new heights. By employing their thorough creative ability, they’ve made a Coca-Cola that looks totally different than what has come before it.

How Laser Art Can Enhance Your Packaging

Looking for a way to make your product’s packaging stand out? Laser art might just be the answer. Precise lines and cutouts don’t just look amazing, but they also add a texture that can make your product look even more enticing on the shelf or online. Jason Lefton of BIG SECRET, an agency that specializes in laser etching, mentioned, “Laser engraving provides an extreme level of intricacy and accuracy to packaging—people immediately want to reach out and interact with it.”