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In Spanish, “Quererlo” means “want it.” The online store Quererlo promotes Mexican design, and by sharing the love for Mexican craftsmen and their creations, they allow you to want the goods from the inside out. Firmalt developed the branding and packaging for Quererlo, naturally taking inspiration from traditional art from the country.

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The Ultimate Ears Roll speaker may look small in size but it is big in sound. With its waterproof acoustic skin and the bungee cord in the back, the powerful speaker is easy to hold or attach, ready for any adventure.Minimally packaged, the UE Roll is wrapped in white butcher paper that once opened unveils a poster leaving you with no waste and no hassle.

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I got my first cell phone in high school, around the time that it was really becoming a thing to have one. Like most teens with cell phones, I thought I was the coolest thing around — and once I learned to text, I was untouchable. Of course, growing up with today’s technology is a little different. To make it to high school without ever using a cell phone is unheard of, not to mention the use of tablets and other portable devices.

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CES 2015 Packaging Spotlight: Bluetooth Helmet Speakers, Ear Buds and Something for the Kids

Jamie Capozzi from Theory Associates takes us through Day 3 of CES 2105 Conference. 

On day three of the Consumer Electronics Show, I spent the entire day walking the North Hall. Now at first this might sound a bit lazy, until you understand that its two massive floors are packed with exhibitors selling products in boxes, which is not the norm for this show. The central hall, for example, is full of the sexy big-ticket items  like TVs and cars…not exactly the type of brands that are going to live or die by their packaging. However, the North Hall is where the bulk of products requiring packaging are shown, which made for a really interesting day. I found four really cool packaging designs that stood out from the pack.

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