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Bennison: Baby Care Wear

This is a company on a mission that is sure to make your heart smiles. Bennison has partnered with gyro for the Baby Care Wear campaign, an effort to get pajamas donated to babies in need to keep them warm and safe. The packaging is especially unique, though, because it is actually soap paper that dissolves in water.

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As a kid, going to the dentist is a total drag – in fact, dental hygiene in general is the last thing you want to worry about. So why not make it something that kids are excited about and that’s actually enjoyable for them? MontCarotte Creative Buro has created the MontCarotte Kids Tooth Gel Collection to show children that dental hygiene can be fun and taste good, and the tasty flavors like apple, banana, pear, and cherry don’t compromise the quality of the ingredients.

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Hamleys Traditionals

The world famous Hamleys of London is the oldest toy shop in the world, selling the finest of children’s toy since 1760. Their epic stores are considered a major tourist attraction in a city full of amazing things to see. In celebration of their 250 years in business Hamleys launched a collection of sustainable heritage toys. The new line of wooden toys would need to have packaging design that would reflect the nostalgia of traditional play within the modern world. 

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Going clothing shopping with mom and dad is usually a kid's least favorite thing to do. Nothing in the store excites them, no games, no toys around. Just the sound of their parents telling them to not touch anything. But what if there was a place, one where the act of play was encouraged? A place that made you feel like you just stepped into a designer's jungle gym. Introducing an exclusive shop for the little ones. 

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Zara Play

Zara commissioned Lavernia Cienfuegos to create Zara baby boy and Girl fragrances. The concept in mind was to create a simple and attractive packaging that spoke to a childs visual language but also had a classic and vintage feel to it. Creating playing blocks with the packaging made perfect sense, as reading letters and numbers is both playful but also a classic learning toy for children. The design combines kraft paper with soft baby blue and pink colors with bold letters. 

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Agnotis Baby Diapers

Agnotis is a diaper brand focused on creating a fun and unique diaper for kids and parents purchasing the beloved item for their infants. The main focus for the diaper brand was to consider the diaper a garment and to avoid the cliche of having photos of babies on the packaging, this created an identified brand story with the objective to create shelf presence. 

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Stitch Bears Delicious Milk Soap Pops

Made of organic goats milk from New Zealand, these Delicious Milk Soaps come packaged like a bar of ice cream, nutrition facts and all! Munich and Seoul based Ahhaproject was responsible for the design and branding of the bars for Stitch Bears, an online shop for nature inspired baby products, such as bedding, baby blankets, and toys. 

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10 Monthly Subscription Boxes We Want Now

Walking down a cosmetic or candy aisle may seem like a daunting task. With so many options facing us on shelf, making simple purchasing decisions can sometimes feel like Sophie's Choice - which option is better? Which product should we choose? Is one product better than the other?

We have seen a rise in the subscription box as consumers opt to pay a fee to receive curated monthly collections of sample-sized products themed around candy, domestics, niche fragrances, and even, DIY crafts! With each monthly collection, subscribers can sample new products carefully chosen based on quality, exclusivity and availability, ending the anguish that comes with having too many options.

We have selected a few stand-out subscription boxes, each offering a great selection of product and super-cute packaging, of course. Enjoy.

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James Cook Cheese Curls

Fabula Branding created this fun, childlike design, for Corn Curls John Cook,  in hopes to grab their younger audience’s attention to explore more sophisticated snack flavors. The bag mimics a treasure map imprinted with all sorts of characters and illustrations. The illustrated plastic gets a load of color and topped with curvy balloon typography. A narrative on the bag takes you on a journey across the perilous seas James Cook ventured through, only to discover a bed of crunchy goodness inside.

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