For Yemeni Agency Snono, Art is a Part of Business

It’s hard enough starting a design agency—but imagine if after nine years in business you picked it up and moved to another country entirely? That’s exactly what Snono did. After leaving Yemen and arriving in Istanbul, Turkey, this agency has thrived even despite the challenges it has faced. We spoke with Abdulrahman H. Jaber, Art Director at Snono to learn more about the history of their studio, the work they do, and what inspires them.

Sense and Sensibility in Branding: the First Steps of Capturing the Consumer's Attention

The practical side of design has always been a hot topic, but emotional one is rarely brought up. Meanwhile turning an unknown product into a dearly beloved brand is a cognitive process where main factors are attention, perception, comprehension, and memorizing. Let’s see how they work at every step of interaction between a consumer and a product and what tools are the most efficient to control the mysterious black box of consumers’ subconscious.

British Retailer Marks & Spencer Reduces its Packaging for Less Air & Less Plastic

It’s happened to all of us—you open up a bag of chips and can’t believe how much empty space is in there. Not only does it feel like false advertising, but it means that there’s quite a bit of packaging put to use that’s not really needed. In hopes of changing this and making their brand and products more sustainable all around, British retailer Marks & Spencer has redesigned 140 snacks packaging to include less air and thinner plastic.

Mills of Saint George Packaging will Get You Feeling Ready to Bake

Flour is one of those products in your kitchen you might not put a lot of thought into buying, but Mills of Saint George takes it to a whole different level. Designed by mousegraphics, the new packaging features dough that’s been baked with the flour, inspiring creativity in cooks of all skill levels and getting them excited to get into the kitchen.