Behind the Design for Bloom Farms Luxurious Cannabis Hand Rolls

When Bloom Farms first approached Pavement nearly three years ago, Michael Hester, Principal & Creative Director, felt hesitant to take on this new client. Cannabis was (and arguably still is) a bit of a polarizing subject. By working with Bloom Farms, the agency has helped pave the way for more luxury cannabis items that don’t rely on the stoner stereotype, including these elegant hand rolls. We chatted with Mike about working with packaging that has such a small surface area, cannabis regulations, and the process for expanding the brand.

This Colorful Sarong Packaging will take You on an Instant Vacation

Most people reserve sarongs for a beachy getaway, but this packaging concept for Peranakan Hipwrap Sarong will have you wanting one for everyday. Bright colors and elaborate patterns make it an absolute standout, and it honors the history of Southeast Asia. Developed by Zilin Yee, the project intends to tell a story with beautiful, natural elements.

Where do you find design inspiration?

There are endless ways to keep yourself feeling inspired in your work, but which one works for you? Turning off the phone and going for a walk in the park, spending an afternoon at your favorite museum, exploring outside interests and hobbies, seeing a live show, or taking a trip somewhere...the list goes on.

We want to know: where do you find design inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing?