What is your dream project as a designer?

Even if you’re doing work that you enjoy and find really fulfilling, you probably still have a dream project in the back of your mind. Something that would be the ultimate, and not only creatively satisfy you but give you a chance to become a better designer. Something that you’re itching to do, but haven’t had the chance come up quite yet.

Be Jealous of this VIP Status Jägermeister Limited Edition Gift

This is one of the coolest limited edition gift sets we’ve ever seen. Jones Knowles Ritchie teamed up with MW Luxury Packaging to create 400 gift sets that give recipients a peak at the history of the brand. A wooden box opens up to reveal many different parts, including a pocket watch, a vintage telescope, and a bottle of Jägermeister (of course).

22 Unique Fragrance Designs

Everyone has their own signature scent, their go-to fragrance when they want to feel extra fresh. With a wide variety of fragrances out there, we wanted to showcase some of the most unique fragrance packaging designs. Here are 22 of our favorites.

An Olive Oil that Pays Tribute to the History of Greece

“Amphora Olympia - History is in the making!” Amphora Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil does more than just celebrate one of the finest food products to come from the country—it also honors the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Sophia Georgopoulou | Design developed packaging that highlights the olive oil as the fine product that it is with a simple icon and typography that gives consumers a sense of place.