This Milk Concept Was Actually Inspired by Standard Clothing Sizes

Public Group took cues from clothing sizes for this clever concept for skim, 2%, and whole milk. By taking something that is recognizable by many people around the world when associated with one industry and mixing it into a different one entirely gives it a refreshing and smart approach. Clean lines and bold colors help SML Milk to stand out, and embossing encourages the consumer to reach out and hold the carton in their own two hands.

This is About the Most Perfect Beer to Drink at the Beach

Seagulls have a reputation for being pesky while you’re trying to relax on the beach, but we can’t help but find Hoppy Seabird absolutely adorable. Designed by Limegreentangerine, the bottles have a memorable bird icon on the front who also appears on the back of the label with a bit more personality. Each beer variety has its own coordinating color, which combines with the illustrations to give it a playful attitude.

45 Bold Colored Packaging Designs

In honor of the official beginning of Spring taking place last week, we've decided to feature packaging designs that incorporate bright and bold color schemes. Get ready to say goodbye to the winter blues with these 45 bold colored packaging designs that command attention.