The Unique Way Flood Creative Design Agency Brings Ideas to Life

Flood Creative is not a run-of-the-mill design agency. When new brands approach them, the Flood team is prepared to build it from scratch, and they have successfully turned underperforming brands around and given them new life. Paula Grant, Founder and CEO, Stuart Whitworth, Chief Creative Officer, and Renée Whitworth, Strategic director sat down with us to explain more about Flood Creative’s process and how they balance the interests of the team and their clients.

The Science and Beauty in Living Proof Hair Care Packaging

If you’re looking for your perfect hair day, then Living Proof can help. No, really—they’ve actually got a line of products called Perfect Hair Day, aimed at keeping hair looking and feeling healthy. But whether you’re looking to breathe life into hair as you age, add volume, or control the frizz, Living Proof has an extensive line of gorgeous products that will also make you feel gorgeous, too. We spoke with Barbara Spakowski, Vice President, Package Development, Living Proof, to learn more about how she develops the packaging for each product, designing with the details in mind, and creating a consistent brand with a big range of products.

Could this Packaging Invention Help Solve the Opioid Epidemic?

If you’ve ever battled chronic pain or have had some kind of operation, like a wisdom tooth extraction, you’ve probably received a prescription for oxycodone. Over the past couple decades, opioids like this have become many doctors’ go-to painkillers, and the results have turned out to be nothing short of catastrophic. But Larry Twersky has something that can help prevent this: the TimerCap.

We Love this Recyclable Packaging Concept for a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are not only a wonderful (and affordable) option for women on their period, but they eliminate the waste of pads and tampons. Hanna Petersson developed a concept for Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup that donates one product for every one purchased, helping out girls and women who don’t have access to sanitary products. Naturally, the packaging is also good for the environment, but it also opens like a gift box with a unique pentagonal base. It makes the opening process feel far more special than unwrapping a bulky pad or tampon.