Brand Spotlight: LOLA Pads and Tampons Take a Fresh Approach to Feminine Hygiene

Obnoxious pink ribbons, floating butterflies, and women smiling for no apparent reason whatsoever, other than the fact that they’re having their period—these are what you’ll commonly see on pad and tampon packaging. Which is why LOLA is so refreshing. Instead of tip-toeing around “that time of month,” they’ve created a line of feminine hygiene products that celebrate the fact that menstruation is natural, and it can simply be a normal part of your life.

NYC, it’s Time to Eat! Behind the New Design for NYC Restaurant Week

For the 25th year, NYC Restaurant Week is back for the foodies of Manhattan and every borough. The famed event, taking place starting today, July 24th to August 18th, 2017 celebrates the culinary cultural mosaic of the city and the global cuisines that New York City has to offer. To revive the design for their anniversary, NYC Restaurant Week turned to The Working Assembly for something that would reflect the fun and inclusivity of this annual event that New Yorkers love so. We spoke with TWA to learn a little bit more about create the design behind this much anticipated experience, highlighting cultures in digital platforms, taking NYC Restaurant Week in a new direction, and more.