12 Rosé Products With Beautifully Designed Packaging

The growing popularity of rosé has given rise to a boom of different brands looking to make their mark, but the wine industry is not the only one looking to cash in on the rosé trend. Last year brought us a new crop of rosé-infused spirits as well, including a pink tequila and pink gin. Here we picked out 12 rosé products with packaging pretty enough to match what's on the inside.

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Pantone’s Got Big Plans for Physical and Digital Integration in 2018

As the digital age affects how we connect with others, the way we receive information, and our goldfish-like attention spans, immediacy is of the utmost importance for brands. And in the world of design, this is quite a big ask. It’s possible to go back and forth with colleagues and come up with something perfect on the screen, but this can still look glaringly different in real life.

So how can design and production merge?

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