Why Food & Drink Brands Must Think Beyond Bouncy Characterization to Win Young Hearts

Galvanized by media, empowered by technology, emboldened by a plethora of information and wizened by increasingly more mature parents, children these days are entitled, opinionated and have a stronger sense of independence at an earlier age than ever before. One study showed that, by the time they start school, 70 per cent of children are already adept and confident at using devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops*. In turn, they are informed, demanding—and want things instantly.

How the Teabag Collection Merges Fashion with Afternoon Tea

Sometimes we see designs that are just so darn adorable we can’t even believe they’re real. The Teabag Collection is one of those designs. Designed by KOREFE. Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung, they look like actual handbags and even come packaged in their own tiny shopping bag. We spoke with Christian Doering at KOREFE to learn more about collaborating with a fashion designer, showcasing work at Fashion Week, merging unconventional designs with ordinary products, and more.