What does Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods Mean for the Future of Grocery Shopping?

You’ve probably heard this piece of not-so-little news: Amazon has acquired Whole Foods. And while the prospect of having fresh foods, specialty cheeses, and flax seeds delivered straight to our door sounds pretty amazing, we also wanted to dig a little deeper to learn what this acquisition might mean for the future of grocery shopping. We spoke with retail and branding experts Gregg Lipman and Todd Maute, Partners at CBX to gain more insight on what consumers can expect.

An Exercise in Trust is the Big Reason why Nourish Snacks Look So So Good

Snacking is usually put into two categories: “punishingly healthy or junk,” Tom Wilder of Collins said. So when faced with the challenge of designing Joy Bauer’s line of snacks—which are both healthy and incredibly delicious—Collins wanted the packaging to reflect that. We spoke with CCO & Founder Brian Collins and Creative Director Tom Wilder to learn more about setting out to do something radically different, why they design with a mobile-first mentality, finding inspiration in new places, and more.

Sustainable Packaging: 3 Ways to Make it a Holistic, Collaborative Design Challenge

There are many opportunities for the design industry to play a bigger part in product sustainability. Case in point: Many of the technological advancements in sustainable packaging suffer from issues that could be tackled through partnership with strong design thinkers. The design industry can also help to bring the conversation about sustainable packaging design further upstream. Here are three important things to consider when it comes to designing for sustainability.