The Brief 1/24/17: Design News You Might Have Missed

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And now, the news you might have missed.

The Beautiful Watercolor of The Dorset Chocolate Company

Dorset Chocolate Company is a beautiful conceptual project from designer Perry Rowe. The watercolor is what sets this chocolate bar design apart from others, as it is executed in such a light and airy way. The color scheme plays off on colors one normally might not pair together, but the result is harmonious and easy on the eyes. 

Handmade Olive Oil Soap that Gets You Next to Godliness

We love this refreshing, updated portrayal of Greek Gods on Elo Soaps. These handmade body products are handmade and natural, made from—what else?—Greek olive oil, which is known to work wonders for your skin. Smirap Designs developed packaging that would pay homage to Greece and also appeal to those visiting the country.

Elephant Magazine has Packaging You Won’t Want to Toss

When you get a magazine in the mail, you’re usually most concerned with turning those first few pages and getting into the articles. But Kind Studio used packaging as an opportunity to extend the brand for Elephant Magazine. Instead of opening the box and tossing it, you’re able to make something from it—adding an interactive and simply fun element into receiving a new magazine in the mail.

Take the Edge off with this Thoughtful Tranquilo Tequila Gift Set

This is a true tequila experience, complete with a cozy blanket and a deck of playing cards. The Butler Bros designed this clever gift set that is perfect for relaxing after the end of a long, exhausting year (bye, 2016!). The bright colors of the blanket are juxtaposed with a simple, minimal flask design for the bottle, and a traditional font gives it a rustic vibe.

The Milkman is Back: the New Face of Home Delivery

A few years ago, in a piece I wrote about home delivery, I mentioned my childhood in North Wales where I made a bit of money delivering newspapers door to door. In fact, pre-Millennial U.S. children shared a similar rite of passage. Although we said goodbye to milk delivery and newspaper routes for a long time, thanks in large part to the convenience of online shopping, at-home delivery is making a comeback. Just look around your neighborhood and you’ll see—in addition to Peapod trucks—everything from milk and dry cleaning to local grocers dropping off the week’s shopping. Calling it “the return of the milkman,” a recent Nielsen study asks, “Could the wave of the future be a blast from the past?”

Microme Cosmetics is Makeup With Provenance

A holistic vision fuels the story-telling behind this beauty concept by Russian branding agency, Funky Business. As a way to highlight Microme Cosmetics allegiance to its ingredients, the range mimics the look of its makeup under the microscope. The result is an honest iteration of tactile packages, designed to deliver on the products provenance in a sublet yet impactful way. 

Tradition Meets the New World with Bionic Brew

As the world becomes increasingly connected, language barriers are a thing of the past. In the case of Bionic Brew, Austin based HELMS WORKSHOP updated a traditional folktale with modern visual language to introduce craft-beer to a burgeoning Chinese market.

Indulge Your Senses with Unique Xinú Fragrances

Perfume isn’t just for your sense of smell anymore. With Xinú, you can take yourself on a journey that appeals to your olfactory memory but also incorporates a beautiful visual story as well. Esrawe + Cadena developed the packaging which stands out in so many ways, from the collage image on the front of the box to the unusual shape of the bottle itself.

This Kellogg's Fruit Chips Concept will Get You Ready to Snack

Dried fruit and chocolate are a match made in heaven, so it’s safe to say your mouth will be watering for these tasty snacks. Anastasia Igolnikova designed a concept for Kellogg’s, including their fruit chips and choco balls. Adorable illustrations bring the ingredients to life (literally) and make snack time fun, no matter what age you are.

What the AIGA and IBM Partnership Means for the Future of Design

Have you heard the news? AIGA recently announced an exciting partnership with IBM, the first official AIGA Sponsor for Design Leadership. Working together, they’ve developed programs that demonstrate how design improves the human experience, amplifying the role of design professionally and in the world.

Celebrate Inebriation Day With this Alcoholiday Gift Set

In honor of this year's Inebriation Day...oops we meant Inauguration Day, 1 Trick Pony designed this special gift set to help get you through the day. These two special edition bottles come together to make up one image, complete with elegant details such as metallic foil and a branded label placed cleverly to the side.

True Italian Gelato with Perfectly Crafted Packaging

It might be winter, but we could definitely use a few scoops of this insanely delicious gelato! Abby Ryan Design and Mike L Perry developed the packaging for Nancy Silverton’s Nancy’s Fancy Gelato, and the result is simply mouthwatering. Delightful details highlight the simple yet flavorful varieties offered while adding in just the right amount of traditional Italian flair.